CFC’s highly-competitive Elite squads are built on an invitation-only basis, where players from all over the region are scouted, profiled, and invited to sign for CFC Elite.

The Elite Squad program exposes all players to high ball-contact sessions that are played in short periodic spells, ensuring efficient and progressive learning and outcomes.

Coaching is only delivered by our staff’s UAEFA ‘A’ or ‘B’ licensed coaches, all of whom have professional playing experience in Scotland and England, ensuring that CFC’s Elite squads are receiving elite, high-performance training five (5) days a week.

The CFC Elite program also provides tactical analysis and player performance monitoring via the use of best-of-breed high-tech equipment and software technology, providing team and individualized performance analysis – both in training and matches. This data is critical for the planning and review process of every player, the squads they play on, and their ongoing and measured development.

CFC Elite squad programming commences from U-8, and is developed at every age tranche through to U-18. Emphasis is focused on holistic player development including technical, physical, and mental preparedness, enabling player performance to occur with sound decision making, at a very rapid-pace, supported by deep tactical knowledge of the game.

As with any professional development program that provides a solid growth pathway, those players with exceptional technical, athletic, and physical attributes are provided the opportunity to grow in the CFC Elite Squad system. These decisions are made based on the performance of the player, their physical and mental development, and the experiences of the coaches having nurtured exceptional football players.

Outcomes for CFC Elite players include home-country professional, or USA collegiate academic/playing opportunities, where CFC Elite players can further exploit their playing talents, and grow and mature as leaders on an off the pitch.